Remember Low Gas Prices?

Gasoline demand in the U.S. hits record highs.  As of last week 9.480 million barrels a day!  Be forewarned, prices will rise at the pump as the US driving season approaches and record SUV sales.  Given current oil prices, crumbling exploration & production investment, solid global demand will … [Read more...]

Americans Pay Tax of $172 Million Every Day

Gas Tax

Maybe you knew, likely you didn't, or maybe just a suspicion. The $ you hand over to the gov't (Fed and ALL 50 States) is enormous when you consider all of the forms and paths it collects your tax payments.  It's NOT only that dreadful April day! Give the following some consideration, hopefully … [Read more...]

Hibernating Bears do wake…then eat… lots!

Beware! Bears will awaken... I read gov't data with some skepticism, but this BEA release is evidentary of earnings reports and massive capex cuts. Very long in the tooth, fundamentally, when supply falls {below demand}, there will be few remaining spigots to fill the void. Mining and … [Read more...]

Why the surge in stockpiles (crude oil) and plunge in prices

Crude imports 2015

In just a year the US has gone from booming energy production and on its way to energy independence to have sowed the seeds for another generation of foreign dependency amongst unfriendly suppliers.  The celebration of lower gas prices has pummeled US infrastructure; to move energy from the well … [Read more...]

Buffet finds value in Precision Cast Parts (PCP) too!

After adding PCP to the portfolio months ago, and doubling down given recent value expansion  (lower prices beget greater value), Buffet just buys it...approx 20% premium. … [Read more...]

Where do we go from here? Precision vs. Indice Investing

Even the casual market observer / investor knows indices near all time highs.  Price / earnings ratios (how expensive are your equities) also hover at multi-decade peaks.  Courtesy of Gary Martin who hosted me to attend Robert Gallo's presentation last night at the Atlantis Resort (Robert is a top … [Read more...]

When ‘Free’ isn’t!

Distinguishing the difference between value and free is imperative; in life and investing!  Buffet says, "Price is what you pay, value is what you get... "  Careful when you overpay, careful when your lunch is free. Doug Kass, whom I read and respect had the following to write today: "When you … [Read more...]

Bulls or Bears in control?

I've long pounded the table (at least since energy fell through the floor and still resides in the basement) that energy prices can't [shouldn't] stay low too long.  Impatient bulls have paid a dear price, but regardless of your timing those willing to look out into the horizon should be rewarded if … [Read more...]

All Aboard… Get on the train whilst it’s still in the station!

Energy soon 'free' (cheap) has been short lived.  Long live cheap energy. Some anticipated shorter and longer time horizons.  The brave stepped in at the nadir, others looked for market confirmations... regardless of the metric you prefer, the future is clear.  Lower US Nat Gas prices than global … [Read more...]

Crude Storage (overflow) Overblown?

Much has been discussed about Cushing, OK storage capacity and crude's contango (today's pricing lower than distant futures).  Many suggest oil is going to new lows as a result as it spills over the top of storage tanks.  I think not.  Neither does Phil Flynn of the Price Group, an energy analyst … [Read more...]