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“No idea can be any better than the action taken on it”… Howard Marks, Oaktree Capital

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With the Trade$ Made subscription, you get…

  • Weekly summary of the Trades Made for the Fund, Vici Partners, LP. Published before Monday’s open (6:30am EST, or the next exchange open day)
    • Underlying symbol and Option symbol (if applicable)
    • Net Long / Short / Hedged Underlying
    • Post Trade Position Size (small, med, large)
    • Price
  • Free Subscription to Market Insight (Newsletter that underscores the macro view of the Fund’s Investment Advisor)
  • Free 30 minute teleconference with Marc Radow (Due to careful attention afforded to each subscriber the teleconference is available only to 1 Yr Subscriptions, please email Marc at
    • Review your current portfolio
    • Discuss Trade Execution
    • Analyze & review Trades Made
  • Email support
    • General questions answered (unfortunately detailed analysis can not be supported)

Be a successful trader & investor with Marc Radow

Results are achieved from several wellheads; moving on the right ideas, pack enough firepower, timing, price, and avoiding holes that capsize portfolios.  Unique ideas are ONLY the first step on a long journey to success.  ACTION is the difference!

Imagine a view over the shoulder of a hedge fund manager when executing trades, taking positions, or selling.  Avoid stale ideas where the individual investor is buying when the fund manager is selling, or selling when they are buying.  Get the trade right and get your timing on queue!

You are invited to receive the Trade$ Made of the hedge fund, The Vici Partners, LP.  This exclusive subscription uniquely delivers the positions in specific equities and options.  The more advanced will glean insight as to the Advisor’s sentiment as positions are adjusted, opened, or closed.

These reports are delivered once a week usually over the weekend before Monday’s market open.  Reports are posted on a secure web site so you can manage your portfolio with better insight.

This Trade$ Made subscription will allow you to command control over your portfolio.  Use better information to manage your assets at risk.  Build long / short, derivative (options), and hedge strategies.  Outperform indices, beat passive portfolios, and blow away other managers / advisors. Use this weekly report to improve your results and adjust as you see fit for your risk tolerance.

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